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Frequently Asked Questions by Homesellers

Auburn AL home sellers facts
  • How does your office handle showings?
    Agents will call our office to arrange a showing appointment. Our staff will contact you to make sure the requested time fits your schedule. Let our staff know if the time is okay or not. We will try to provide as much notice as possible but there are times when an agent will have a potential buyer deciding last minute they really want to see your home.
  • Will my listing agent be present for all showings?
    Traditionally your listing agent will not be present at the showings unless he or she personally has a buyer to show your home to. Be assured our lockboxes are monitored by sophisticated technology -- every time an agent opens it to get the key, your listing agent is informed who it was, and the time they opened it.
  • Will there be a lockbox on my home?
    Yes. It is imperative for a buyer agents to be able to show your home as conveniently as possible. This also allows your listing agent to monitor showings and times, and get the agents’ feedback.
  • Do I need to “stage” my home (turn on lights, etc.) when a showing is scheduled?
    It definitely helps to add as much ambience as possible for showings as well as cleanliness. We suggest some lights are left on throughout the home (lamps add nice lighting), and the home is clean and de-cluttered.
  • How much notice will I have before showings?
    There may be times when the agent is in your driveway wanting to show your home right then. Other agents may give you several days’ notice. Remember, the easier it is to show, the easier it is to sell. Try to always keep your home in “Show-Ready” condition. Regrettably, there are some agents that are not as considerate as others and may not show up and never call to cancel their appointment.
  • Will you put flyers outside my home?
    As a general rule, our office will have flyers put at your property either inside for buyers to review and take with them after touring your home and/or in a flyer box attached to your yard sign. Be assured we actively promoting your home, not only through traditional marketing methods like signage and multiple listing, but also through exclusive marketing systems including more extensive online promotion, an exclusive state-of-the art Call Center, effective leads management, and our enhanced Open House systems along with our online marketing campaigns on