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July 1, 2014

Auburn Citizens Rate City at an All-Time High 

The results of the 2014 Citizen Survey were presented to the Auburn AL City Council at the Tuesday,
May 20th Council meeting, with residents giving high marks to Auburn City leadership, Auburn City services, Auburn
City Schools and the value received for their tax dollars. “Results this year are among the best they’ve ever been,” said Chris Tatham, President of the ETC Institute, a Kansas based research firm. “Overall satisfaction with city services is at an all-time high.” Tatham began the presentation by summarizing the results of this year’s survey with five major findings:

• Residents have a very positive perception of Auburn Alabama 
• The City of Auburn AL is moving in the right direction
• The City of Auburn AL is equitably serving the needs
of residents in all areas of the City
• Auburn AL is setting the standard for the delivery of
City services, with satisfaction measures among
the highest nationally
• Residents are more satisfied with local traffic flow and infrastructure, with further improvements
no longer rated a “very high” priority.

Quality and Direction

Ninety-two percent (92%) of residents ranked the overall quality of life in the City as “good” or “excellent,”
with 96% ranking Auburn as a “good” or “excellent” place to live. Tatham remarked that the
ranking for Auburn as a place to work (82% good or excellent - 22 points above the national average)
“suggests that you’ll continue to thrive economically in the years ahead.”
Eighty-six percent (86%) of residents gave positive ratings to City services, an all-time high for that
measure. “One in three give you a five on a five-point scale and only 2% give you negative ratings.
So for every person that doesn’t like what you’re doing, there are 43 out there that actually feel
pretty good about the City’s progress,” said Tatham.

The ranking for value received for tax dollars and fees tells a similar story. “Only 5% of residents
gave negative ratings, yet 76% gave positive ratings and you are at the national high,” Tatham said.
“Of hundreds of communities in our database, you are giving the most value to your residents.”
Since 2006, the City’s rankings have significantly improved in 53 areas measured, with no statistically
significant decreases in the same time frame. “A number of areas, over half, have improved
by 10% or more.” Similarly, since 2013, ratings significantly improved in 51 areas, with only two
statistically significant decreases.

Auburn rated above the national average in 58 of 60 areas, with 49 areas significantly above the
national average, and 42 areas beating the national average by 10 points or more. “You’re now
clearly setting the standard in a number of areas,” said Tatham.


**SOURCE: Open Line Newsletter July 2014 edition produced by the city of Auburn. To see full version click below.