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Weichert Realtors Porter Properties
August 8, 2011

Auburn Real Estate Transactions Require a Title Report

A real estate title report is prepared after a property title search has been conducted. They contain comprehensive property information and play a significant role in Auburn real estate transactions of all types.

There are several different types of reports and most contain historical data about the property and owners to determine if the property:

  • has liens such as mortgages or assessments.
  • has restrictions such as use of land.
  • is owned by the seller.

The records and data used to produce a real estate title report are public, however, a title company or attorney are often used.

Real estate buyers frequently purchase title insurance. This is an insurance policy sold by a title company in support of its findings. It protects the buyer from unforeseen property issues that may arise after a real estate closing.

Most mortgage companies require title insurance as part of their approval to ensure a clean title is in place.

A title report is an important part of buying and selling real estate in Auburn. If you have questions about title reports or other practices involving a real estate in Auburn contact Weichert Realtors- Porter Properties.

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