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August 6, 2015

Meet JP Owens: Weichert Realtors Porter Properties Realtor

Introducing Auburn Realtor JP Owens



My name is JP Owens and I have been with Weichert a little over a year now.

Why do you love selling real estate in the Auburn/Opelika Area?

Selling real estate in the Auburn/Opelika area is always an adventure.

Seems like every day you going to be out there doing something different showing different type of properties which they can range from game day condos to residential housing here in the area. Every day you will ever know where you will be going and who you will be meeting with.

What question do you get asked the most about real estate?  

One of the questions I get asked the most about real estate is what do I do in my free time and what are the most type of properties am I dealing with.

And as far as the properties I am dealing with is condos and residential housing here in the auburn area. And as far as my free time when I do come about it. I like to walk on some trails here in the area and also go down to the Lake Martin area and do a little boating on the weekends.

What is one interesting fact you have learned as real estate agent?

One interesting face I have learned as a real estate agent is. It’s all about the follow-up phone calls. You always want to make sure you are always in touch with your clients. Make sure there are caught on everything they don’t have any questions or anything.

I’m always sure to call back as soon as I have a phone call or a missed call from somebody.

What do you want to say to the Auburn community?

To the Auburn community I want to say WAR EAGLE and if you ever need help buying or selling any property here in the area feel free to give me a call.

This video blog is part of a "Meet your Auburn Realtor" series hosted by Weichert Realtors Porter Properties.  Get to know JP and other Auburn Realtors here.