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Weichert Realtors Porter Properties
December 13, 2010

How to Sell Auburn AL Houses and Get Best Results.

Sometimes the smallest things can have the largest impact when selling Auburn AL houses…

In today’s fragile market, it can be increasingly difficult to sell your home in quick succession, allowing you to begin your new life in your new home with a considerable amount of profit in your pocket. However, by ensuring that all Auburn AL houses for sale is ‘seller ready’, you can help increase your chances of selling your home by preparing it for the market.

Selling Auburn AL houses for Sale - Fast

A house that is inviting and appealing to a seller is guaranteed to sell faster than a neighboring home that has not been well maintained. An experienced realtor will advise that the more appealing and ‘sparkling’ a house seems to a buyer, the higher the chance will be that it will sell fast and for a great price.

Furthermore, buyers feel more confident purchasing a well-kept home as it gives the impression that they it will not require a high amount of maintenance on their behalf post moving day.

Getting your Auburn AL house ready for the market will involve considering three main areas:

1.) how much you are willing to spend on making your home market ready 2.) the property’s exterior or ‘curb appeal’ 3.) and how appealing the interior of the home is.

Unless you are in desperate need of a quick sale, it is beneficial to take your time in making your Auburn AL house sale ready which could also, incidentally, help you spend less in making your home appealing.

Purchasing any Auburn Real Estate can be costly when you take into consideration the purchase price of the property, document handling, legal fees, rental vans and so forth. For this reason, it is important to try and focus on the improvements that will warrant you the highest probably of a successful transaction when preparing Auburn AL houses for sale. Although a buyer may be impressed to see a high amount of new features within your home, such as a new fireplace; this is not to say they will be prepared to give you more money for your efforts.

Small changes can make a huge difference such as a fresh coat of paint in each room, new flooring or the simple addition of new handles on cupboards. More extravagant changes can sometimes be required, for example if your kitchen is extremely outdated; but your Weichert, Realtors® – Porter Properties real estate expert will be able to point out the negative aspects of your home which may affect a sale.

One important aspect that is often over looked when putting Auburn AL houses for sale on the market is the exterior of the property. If your home has good ‘curb appeal’, this can help create intrigue and interest in a buyer as to what the interior of your home looks like.

If your garden looks unkempt and uncared for, a buyer may come to the conclusion the interior will look much the same. Ensure your lawn is freshly cut, watered and all hedges/plants are trimmed. If your front door is looking worn from normal factors such as weather, freshen it up with a fresh coat of paint, and make sure your home looks inviting from the outside. You should always park your car in your garage, where applicable; as parked cars outside your home can make your yard look smaller or may simply take away from the overall look of your homes exterior.

Moving to the interior of houses in Auburn Alabama that are preparing for a sale is to remember that you want to ensure that each room looks bright, inviting and clean. You are aiming to show the potential each room has, so it is important to rid each room of your personal clutter because it can be hard for a buyer to imagine living there (selling your home is a great opportunity to finally rid your home of unwanted items).

When preparing the interior of any Auburn Al houses for sale you should:

- Thoroughly clean every room and clear away clutter. Rooms that are crowded with clutter can appear smaller to the buyer

- Ensure you regularly clean every room in case of any impromptu viewings that are booked by your Auburn agent

- Ensure your kitchen and bathroom look modern and add ‘staged’ items such as a greenery in the kitchen and scented candles in the bathroom. You should also place clean towels in the bathroom each time you have a viewing

- Where necessary, repaint any rooms with a neutral shade to help brighten up the room and cover any peeling/cracked paint.

- Check walls, door and skirting boards for any damage which may need to be filled or re-painted

Selling houses in Auburn AL, like any area that is dealing with the challenging real estate market can be difficult, but if you are willing to invest a certain amount of time and money into making it sale ready, you could see a faster sale.

When placing your Auburn AL house on the market, it is beneficial to think about what you look for in a new home. Not only will this help you focus on making necessary changes, but it will also help you notice areas of your home requiring further attention.

All Auburn Realtors at Weichert Realtors® – Porter Properties are prepared to help you identify and make recommendations that will enhance your home and properly prepare it so you can feel confident that it is showcased in its absolute best light.

Want a free Auburn market trend and analysis report of your home? Let us know and we can also discuss how to prepare and sell your Auburn house for the maximum results.