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August 21, 2015

Helping You Get the Most Out of Your Summer
Mobile apps are an important part of our daily lives. You have apps for coupons, retail apps, reviews apps to tell you the best places to eat or stay when you are out of town and do-it-yourself projects are no different.
Here are 7 pretty handy FREE apps you can use to help you get those home projects done quicker this summer, because everyone wants more time to spend with family and go on vacation.


1) The iFixIt app is an excellent DIY-oriented app, and focuses on do it yourself repairs. iFixIt includes repair and teardown guides for numerous categories of devices, from cars and trucks to smartphones, tablets and common household appliances and furniture. iFixIt's guides take you through the process of breaking open devices, diagnosing problems and even making repairs and part replacements. Users can browse by category or device model, check out featured guides, and even create and upload their own teardown or repair guides straight from the app. If you don't have the parts or tools you need, the app helpfully includes links to iFixIt's own online store.
2) SnapGuide is easily among the most visually attractive crowd sourced how to apps online, featuring numerous projects, repairs, recipes and hacks that come loaded with detailed instructions and full page photo guides. Users can view featured guides, check out a variety of topics from gardening, automotive, arts & crafts, and other projects, as well as popular and recently uploaded guides. Users can comment on, like, and share guides, or even create new guides of their own.
3) Called the "Wikipedia of Interior Design", Houzz is a social network dedicated to architecture, interior design and home improvement. The official Houzz app on Android and iOS serves as a massive repository of articles, discussions, and photographs that budding home improvement mavens and interior design addicts can consult for inspiration and help. Whether you're looking for DIY ideas, design inspiration, interesting pieces of furniture or simply want to get in touch with local professionals or talented amateurs, Houzz has something for you
4) Like Wikipedia for the DIY set, WikiHow (Android, iOS) provides you with thousands of how-to guides ranging from tech and life hacks, quick repairs, DIY and craft projects, and even some neat food recipes. Ever wanted to learn how to change your car's oil? Clean and maintain a rain barrel? Frame a jigsaw puzzle? WikiHow has it all, complete with illustrations and videos. Users can browse through and search categories, check out featured articles, as well as bookmark particular how-tos for later offline reading. A neat feature in the iOS version is the inclusion of a Survival Kit, a collection of first aid and survival guides that come preloaded for offline use.
5) This app turns your smartphone or tablet into a digital level. It offers great features like carpentry tools such as ruler, protractor, plumb bob, surface level and bubble level bar. Perfect for hanging pictures. 
6) Picking wall color can be a tedious process. The Benjamin Moore's Color Capture is an amazing little app helping you find the right color for any room. See a color you like while you are out and about, take a photo with your smart device and this app will instantly give you a matching color recommendations in the Benjamin Moore lineup. As easy as 1.2.3. 
7) If you prefer Sherwin Williams's color wheel, this colorsnap app is the same as the Benjamin Moore Color Capture. Like a color on a wall take a photo and plug it into this app to see what Sherwin Williams paint it best fits. 
* Source: Tom's Guide is a technology-focused website owned and operated by Purch (formerly known as TechMedia Network Inc.). This website helps you review and understand everything from new tech devices to mobile apps of every kind.