Born and raised in South Carolina, Nicole Boyle has always been driven to succeed. Nicole brings an impressive background in sales and marketing which will undeniably help her clients.

Her career began with a large corporate company in her hometown that distributed firearms arms to local hunting shops across the United States. During her time with this company she sold over $4 million in firearms. She was also featured on a local morning news show in South Carolina demonstrating proper firearm use!

In 2006 she met a man wearing a uniform before she knew it she fell madly in love. It wasn’t very long after that they were married and began a family. Being a stay at home mom was great but they could not live off a sergeant’s income alone. Nicole’s creative drive inspired her to publish a magazine for military families. The first issue of many was published on her husband’s and the Army’s Birthday. When her husband was moved to Savannah, Georgia in 2011, Nicole sold her first successful magazine. In Georgia, Nicole published another magazine. Local Military Discounts, her new publication, was direct mailed to two military bases in Savannah.

Nicole will tell you that her greatest accomplishments this far are her children. She has six children: three handsome boys and three beautiful girls. Passionate about helping veterans, homeless and families in need, Nicole is active in the community.

Nicole says, “I was raised by a single mother and I know what it’s like to work hard. If you give me a chance to sell your home or find you a dream home, you will not be disappointed. I am here for you and I will prove that.”